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 20 Under 20 Magazine

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: 20 Under 20 Magazine   20 Under 20 Magazine Icon_minitimeMon Jun 28, 2010 9:33 am

Trích dẫn :
Move over, Justin Bieber, there's another pint-sized singing sensation
on the scene! David Archuleta might be short in stature but he's
certainly not short on talent. This crooning cutie rose to fame with the
help of not just one but two star-making making machines: Star Search
and American Idol. The Utah native claimed the title of Junior Vocal
Champion at the age of 12, and while he might have only come in second
to David Cook two years ago on American Idol, his success in the music
industry is second to none.

Shortly after his run on American
Idol, David Archuleta released his self titled debut album. The album
itself went on to sell over half a million copies, while the lead single
'Crush' became one of the biggest hits of 2008, moving 1.8 million
downloads. And late last year, he released a Christmas album which
included covers of yuletide favorites like 'Silent Night', 'O Holy
Night', and 'Ave Maria'.

These days, David is hard at work in the
studio working on a follow up record. The teen heartthrob is working
with some of the same great writers and producers, like Emanuel 'E-man'
Kiriakou, who helped craft his debut, but he says he wants his follow up
to be a bit more grown up. According to his blog on DavidArchuleta.com,
he's taking the reigns by writing more of his material this time around
as well. He told the L.A. Times earlier this year, 'Lyrically, I just
want it to sound more like me. I want people to say, 'This is David
talking.' Instead of just interpreting.' David obviously knows what he
wants, and it sounds like a recipe for success!

A new album isn't
the only thing on the horizon for David Archuleta. He'll soon be able
to add the title author to his long list of credits when his book Chords
of Strength hits shelves this June. Even though David was initially
hesitant to write a memoir before his 20th birthday, he decided the book
would be a great way to answer some of the questions he's frequently
asked about his life by fans. The book is slated to cover David's rise
to fame and how he overcame the odds.

It's easy to see from his
philanthropic efforts that giving back is just as important to David as
his music is.

Fun facts about David
-David Archuleta was born
in Miami, FL on December 28, 1990, but spent most of his childhood in
Murray, Utah
-David's fans and friends on American Idol call him
-In 2005, David suffered vocal paralysis and had to undergo
risky surgery on his vocal chords.
-David gets his vocal chops from
his mother, Lupe, who is also a singer.
Earlier this year he was heavily involved in disaster relief efforts for
Haiti; the singer donated his time to the NBC Hope for Haiti telethon,
funds to Plane to Haiti, and lent his voice to the Spanish language We
Are the World remake. Even more recently, he's teamed up with
DoSOmething.org to help other teens who have been affected by natural
disasters. Gotta love a star who's heart is as big as his talent!

a gorgeous voice, a knack for songwriting, and a heart for helping
people, it's easy to see why David Archuleta has held on to his American
Idol fanbase well after his run on the show and picked up new fans
along the way. Keep an eye out for this book this summer, and his next
single, which is due to impact radio later this year.

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20 Under 20 Magazine
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