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 Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience

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Knorr Archuleta
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Knorr Archuleta

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience    Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience  Icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 1:26 am

Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience

Hello everyone. I’m Knorr, an archie from Vietnam. So sorry for being late, I wasn’t able to write this review due to the lack of time. I was quite busy after his concert. Anyway, this is my story about meeting him in Vietnam.

When we first saw him at the airport, all Vietnamese Archies were extremely excited and happy. We screamed out his name “David, David” when he walked out. David smiled to us. His smile was brilliant, I swear. He looks like a real angel with the white skin and shining smile. We gave David, the band and Jeff our traditional hats called "nón lá" and a painting which was made by Dat - a very good archie. We ran after him to the car, and when I said “hi David”, he noticed me and waved me, saying “Hi” in respond. My life was complete. I screamed out loud “OMG, he said hi to me!!!!”. LOL, thinking back about that, I was quite ashamed :P But I was so happy, I think you guys can understand how I felt if you’ve met David once.

That afternoon, about 10 archies went to Sheraton hotel, where David stayed. With the help of another Archie, we could come into the hotel’s lobby. We waited for him for 5 hours, from 5 to 10 p.m without drinking, eating or moving. Because the securities in the hotel are quite harsh. If we go out, we can’t go in again. People may think that we’re crazy. But we don’t regret what we have done. At 10 p.m, he came back. When he saw us, he said hello and asked us why we had waited for him for so long? We said “Because we want to meet you so bad!”. Hearing our answer, he smiled and say “awwwwww”. Despite being quite tired after a long day, he stayed with us for a while, talked to us, signed for us and took photos with each one of us. He shook our hands and told us “See you guys tomorrow at the concert! Hope you enjoy it!” before we left, with a big smile on his face. I bet you can imagine how happy we were.

The next afternoon, we went to Giang Vo Exhibition Center, where the concert took place. Some Archies who bought VIP and Super VIP tickets were allowed to attend his rehearsal and M&G. When I gave David my Christmas from the heart CD, he said “Oh, you have this too? “. “I tried to collect all of your CDs”. He was quite surprised, and signed all of my CDs and Chords Of Strength. I gave him a Totoro with a bunch of roses as a gift, and he was very happy when he received it. We even took a photo with that special gift. Then, I asked him “Can you give me a hug?” , he agreed immediately. I’ll never forget that hug. It was so warm. And it’s my happiest moment, which I had waited for so long.

After the M&G, he came back to the stage, where some archies who are not super-vippers were waiting. We talked a little bit and we sang 3 songs: Touch My Hand, Zero Gravity and Wait. He smiled all the time when we was singing. He even sang with us. David was really a nice and sweet guy. He was a little bit tired because the weather was so hot, but he thanked us for singing and he enjoyed our performance. Then he went to the stage, prepared for the rehearsal.

While we waited for his rehearsal, we talked to Mr.Jeff. He said that he loved the Vietnamese fans. And when he was told that “Crush” was the #1 song on our XoneFM Radio for 13 weeks, he was surprised. He kept asking “Really? Oh my god”. He told us many things about David. The most interesting story is that when David was young, he didn’t want to sing in front of other people. When he was singing, Mr.Jeff came in. When being asked “What were you doing?”, David said “Nothing”. LOL. But in the yard, he always sang as loud as possible while holding his cats, sitting on the swing, without noticing that his father could hear him singing. David can play the guitar and took a drumming lesson, but he doesn’t think that he is able to play them. We told Jeff: “You should encourage him!”, he said “He won’t listen to me, because I’m his father”. We all laughed out loud.

In the rehearsal, David sang “Elevator” and “Stomping the roses” and he was very happy when we sang along with him. He even whistled a little bit, which made we think that he would sing “Your eyes don’t lie” but he didn’t.After the rehearsal, he said goodbye to us and came back to the hotel to prepare for the show.

He sang 14 songs in the concert, included Stomping the roses, TOSOD, ALTNOY, Elevator, Zero Gravity, My Kind Of Perfect, Everything And More, Crush, Heaven, Stand By Me, Something ‘Bout Love, Touch My Hand, A Thousand Miles, Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Falling Stars. His performance was INCREDIBLE! He even sang “Would you stand by me, all Vietnam girls?” and the audience was extremely excited.

Meeting him and attending his concert was one of my biggest dreams, and they all came true. I’ll never forget this one in a million event, and we all hope to see him soon in Vietnam.

Knorr Archuleta

(I wrote this in english in case international archies want to read it :) There is a Vietnamese version of my story, which you can find in another box of the forum)
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pe glad
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Powerful Arch Angel
pe glad

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience    Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 5:37 pm

Great job sis :) bravo
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Meet and greet with David Archuleta: An unforgettable experience
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